New Dimension of Pianobuilding 

- The Klavins-Piano Model 370i -

Integrated Upright Concert Grand Piano

1. Outline

The Model 370i is based on the Klavins Model 370, by acoustic and technological design, though some significant improvements are implemented.


The Model 370i ("i" stands for "integrated") is offered as a building-integrated version, which means the piano is mounted within a solid wall of the respective building. Naturally, it has to be a wall within the building, not an outside wall, or it can be fixed between two vertical steal beams. There are three options -

a) leaving the soundboard open (uncovered) at the front and back side;

b) leaving the soundboard open only towards the front side of the piano;

c) attached to steal beams, with or without a sound reflector behind the piano.


2. Special Features - Advantages

For the first time in the history of piano manufacturing, the Klavins Model 370i allows the option to be built in as an integrated element within a building. This offers the following advantages, compared to a traditional concert grand piano:

  • The acoustic system (soundboard and string scale) is significantly enhanced compared to the 9' concert grand piano.

    • The soundboard of the Klavins Model 370i is about twice as large (active vibrating surface) as the soundboard of a typical 9' concert grand piano.

    • The sound dynamics are enhanced at least 30%, compared to the 9' concert grand piano.

    • The power and clarity of sound at all registers is significantly enhanced, unmatched by any other existing acoustic piano.
  • Saving space - since the piano is an integral part of a wall.
  • Aoustic advantage - fixing the piano within a solid wall serves to solidify the outer support rim of the piano, ensuring that no distortion or warping, or undesired vibrations of the steel rim of the piano can occur, since only the soundboard should react on / amplify the string vibrations, to produce an optimal sound.
  • Every single piano is an exclusive 'one-of-a-kind' instrument, handcrafted for each client, according to their personal preferences.
  • The client can chose from a variety of sizes, depending on the desired power of sound, and the specifications of the given building.
  • The client can specify the basic sound character, and the voicing of the piano.
  • The piano becomes a unique design element of the interior, as it's visual appearance can be designed in a large variety of ways, thus adding an original touch to the home or building.


3. Ordering - Pricing - Building the Klavins Model 370i

a) The client specifies his individual preferences regarding size, design and sound character. The height of the piano can be defined anywhere between app. 2,60 to 5,20 m ( 9 to 17 ft).

b) Klavins provides an individual offer / estimate, according to the client's preferences.

c) The client makes a down-payment of 30% of the price estimate.

d) The building process begins, ordering all specific materials and components needed, and manufacturing / preparing all parts until the instrument is ready to be built in at the specified location.

e) The client pays another 30% of the estimate / price indicated.

f) The piano is installed at the specified location, tuned, and voiced.

g) The client pays the remaining amount of 40% after having made sure the piano has been built according to all specified preferences.

The complete design / manufacturing process of the Model 370i takes about 22-26 calendar weeks.

The basic pricing starts at €260,000, the final price is determined depending on the personal preferences of the client, and the specific conditions at the location where the piano has to be installed.


4. Guarantee

  • Each piano is handcrafted personally by David Klavins, master of piano building, paying the highest degree of attention to every aspect of design and construction.

  • Each piano is a unique masterpiece, significantly better in sound than any traditional concert grand piano.

  • Each piano comes with a 20 year warranty on all technical parts and functions, excluding wear and tear.