New Dimension of Pianobuilding 

- The Klavins-Piano Model 450i -

Integrated Upright Concert Grand Piano

In October 2013, constructing of the Model 450i has commenced. This instrument is based on the Klavins Model 370, by acoustic and technological design, though it is 450 cm tall (~15 feet), and some significant improvements have been implemented in regard to sound quality.

The Model 450i ("i" stands for "integrated") is a building-integrated version, which means the piano is mounted at a solid wall of the building, fixed between two vertical steal beams. 

Mod 370
Picture of the Model 370 at its present location in Tübingen

Special Features of the Model 450i

  • The acoustic system (soundboard and string scale) is significantly enhanced compared to a 9' concert grand piano.

    • The soundboard size is enhanced to about 250 % of a concert grand (active vibrating surface)

    • The sound dynamics are enhanced at least 45%

    • The power and clarityof sound over all registers is significantly enhanced, especially at the treble section, unmatched by any existing acoustic piano.

    • Significantly enhanced sustain of all notes
  • A keyboard of 102 notes, from C2 to f5
  • The lowest string (C2) has a length of 3901 mm - 153.6 ''
  • Action and keyboard of ideal dimensions, designed for maximum performance
  • Added acoustic advantage - fixing the piano at a solid wall serves to solidify the outer support rim of the piano, ensuring that no distortion or warping, or undesired vibrations of the steel rim of the piano can occur, since only the soundboard should react on / amplify the string vibrations.
The construction of this piano is scheduled to be finished by April 30, 2014.

On completing the construction, It is intended to sample the Model 450i, to produce a VSTi that features its unique sound characteristics.